You belong to a global community.

The Community is a place that was created to facilitate connectivity and opportunity within safe and constructive environments. We provide optimal conditions for the flourishing of prosperity at all levels.

As a member-driven community, we provide a digital infrastructure that will adapt and grow according to the collective priority interests of our members. That is, it is created solely for the needs of our membership community with programs designed to support the future of our collective prosperity.

Two Pathways, Custom Environments

Currently, there are two community streams available:

  1. The World Garden (health, well-being, creativity, collaboration and prosperity)
  2. The G195 (business, finance, industry, performance, and prosperity)

Currently, each stream offers the following:

  • a place to form interest groups and forums to share ideas, solutions, conversation and more
  • service listings for high quality professionals, practitioners and coaches that have been vetted and verified by our community teams and administration
  • listings for jobs, placements, projects, and other opportunities
  • knowledge sharing and online learning forums